We offer an extensive range of investment and advisory services including investment management support and fund structuring.

Investment Valuation
By leveraging extensive industry expertise, we provide comprehensive valuation services that assist in investment decision-making to achieve optimal outcomes.

Investment Advisory
We assist clients in developing an effective investment strategy that ensures they select investments best suited to their portfolios and risk tolerance, diversification, and liquidity requirements to reach the desired return on investment.

Investment Management Support
We provide Investment Management tools to assist fund managers, venture capitalists, and start-ups, such as the provision of independent board members, independent fund appraisals, detailed documentations and ongoing filing with Capital Markets Authority, in addition to ensuring protection of shareholder interest.

Funds Structuring
With expertise in funding, we are uniquely qualified to develop solutions for our clients’ fund structuring needs such as legal compliance, shari’a compliance while at the same time ensuring alignment with the fund’s investment objectives and sector focus.

Sukuk Structuring
We provide Sharia’a-compliant Sukuk Investments tailored according to their underlying assets and returns in accordance with the Capital Market Authority or Dubai Financial Markets regulations and market practice.

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