Potential Capital Identification & Deal Flow

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Within the Middle East, family owned & managed business, lack of publicly available information on companies and a culture to maintain public anonymity makes it even more difficult to identify potential investments or investors.  Our solid foundations in the local market enables us to actively locate leading family-owned investment firms, private-client advisers, entrepreneurs, private-equity firms, and wealth management firms.

By leveraging local presence with a global network and industry wide relationships, we have established a consistent deal flow of unique opportunities for clients, whether in the United States or the Middle East.  Our comprehensive network within the region include senior level corporate management, government offices, industry experts as well as senior level contacts with financial institutions and other intermediaries.

In the initial phase, we closely recognize the investment criteria of the client and identify the industry and sector focus, growth and other investment parameters. We then carry out complete market analysis to identify potential targets followed by discussions of the investment with respective  shareholders/management in order to create a shortlist of potential companies.  This is followed by rigorous due diligence shortlisted targets and come up with a small list of companies that closely meet the client’s investment preferences.

We allow clients to focus on making the right investment in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or the United States without the time, expense and cultural complications that investors might experience in traditional deals.  The buy-side process typically has the following phases in which we work side-by-side with your team to successfully complete the transaction:

  • Identification of potential investments and Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Financial Projections and Business Valuations
  • Due Diligence
  • PE Negotiations and Term Sheet Agreement
  • Analyzing Regulatory, Legal, and Financial Implications
  • Handling Logistics of Funding such as Escrow Accounts, Letters of Credit, etc.

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